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Navigate CMS Update: 2.1.2 r1013

Oct '16

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes the following highlighted features/bugfixes/improvements:

  • New property type: decimal
  • New user setting: thousands_separator
  • Coordinates properties now use the free OpenStreetMaps instead of Google Maps
  • Vastly improved export/import theme sample content
  • Many bugs have been solved in several functions
  • Navigate CMS installation now is more robust

Full changelog:

* update: force removing cache files after update
* naviforms/tinymce: disable magic line plugin on <p> tags
* naviforms: try to reposition popup dialogs if they appear beyond the window height
* dashboard: fix RSS panel (multilanguage bug)
* marketplace: try to use file_get_contents if curl fails when installing by hash themes and extensions
* nvweb properties: fixed bug when forcing the retrieval of properties from embedded items
+ nv users: new option to define thousands_separator (none, comma, dot)
+ added library jQuery Input Mask v3.3.1 http://robinherbots.github.io/jquery.inputmask
+ properties & naviforms: added decimal property type (define precision, prefix and suffix in the theme definition)
+ nvweb menu: "parent" attribute now accepts passing a property id to get the category value
* theme: title was not being translated for templates of type "not_found"
+ nvweb search: new attribute "no_results_found" to give the text (or dictionary code) to display when the search produces no results
* feeds: identify multilanguage images when generating a feed
* updated jQuery Flot v0.8.3
* items: ask for confirmation before deleting a comment
* items: fixed votes graphs
* updated tinyMCE v4.4.3
* updated tinyMCE codemirror plugin v1.4b (2016-08-19)
* blocks: selection/exclusion of items must include free elements and not embedded elements
* nvweb list: fixed loading structure properties i3n lists of elements
+ added library node-uuid v1.4.7
* items, profiles, menus: use the new navigate_confirmation_dialog instead of a custom dialog
+ block groups: allow extensions to define their own blocks and be included/rendered in block groups
+ block groups: allow using more than one instance of the same block group block type
+ theme.class: added "Skeleton grid" option as content_sample (when theme uses that grid)
* misc: force saving the numeric value on value_or_default
* file: avoid dividing by zero when creating a thumbnail
* nvweb blocks: fixed "watch image" action
* nvweb: fix language selection on empty path
+ block groups: multilanguage "block type" title
* property.class: save_properties_from_array function now allows block groups and its two special subtypes (block group block and extension block)
* item.class: ignore user permissions check when there is no user loaded
* theme: import block group blocks, block group extensions and their properties
* nvweb archive: get children categories by default
* setup: include thousands_separator field on admin user creation
* cupertino skin: fix styled checkbox position
* theme definition: properties option "enabled" now accepts 0, false or "false" (boolean or string) as values
* small fixes here and there
* setup / distribution: don't include files in /cache folder, will be autogenerated on first load
* nvweb conditional: fixed getting properties from embedded elements in a template used in a structure category
* webuser: don't trigger the webuser_modified event on updating just the "lastseen" field
* layout: added a failsafe to load the required scripts when the compressed version could not be executed
* item: force setting embedding=0 when association is "free"
+ added library Leaflet v1.0.0-rc3
* properties: find coordinates by map now uses Leaflet script and OpenStreetMaps data (removed Google Maps integration)
* properties: styling fixes for "find coordinates by map" feature
+ block groups: added grid notes; private notes field is now deprecated and will be removed
+ nvweb list: new attribute return="url" to get the image url (instead of the tag) for lists of source "block"
* nvweb properties: fixed bug retrieving properties with mode="element" when the current item is a structure category
* themes: fixed importing theme sample structure when trying to insert a child before its parent
* make-distribution: force creating the /cache folder on new installs
* themes: when exporting sample content, auto-select everything on load by default
* theme.class: translate dynamic nv:// urls when importing the sample content
* themes: sample content data now auto exports/imports the folders hierarchy
* themes: fixed bugs importing theme options and block groups
* block groups: hide unselectable blocks, added a button to display them all
+ themes: export/import website favicon as sample content
* theme: "translate" properties of type "element" when importing sample content
* themes: added failsafe getting the properties values when exporting sample content

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository or in our shadow repository in Github.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.