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Navigate CMS Update: 2.1 r951

Aug '16

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes the following features/bugfixes/improvements:

+ websites: allow choosing the word separator for auto generated paths, underscore or hyphen
* websites: tinymce CSS field on website has been deprecated (will be removed in a future version)
+ dashboard: added website notes panel
* replaced kvaTree by jsTree v3.3.1
* navigate: prevent caching old css & js versions of the files after upgrading
+ block groups: new interface for block group management
* navigate context menus: force triggering the action when clicking the option out of the link area
* nvweb: dynamic urls (nv://) were not correctly processed in some cases
+ nvweb properties: when requesting the url of a file property, you can now use "url-inline" or "url-attachment" if you want the file to be embedded or downloaded
* blocks: in block actions, display icon and title of the current dynamic path, if selected
* navigate: added css icon in "data saved" notifications
* block.class: added default values when inserting new objects
+ nvweb languages: option to add a classname to each language option
+ nvweb list: new source option "block_link" to process each link of a block using the trigger type "links"
+ user.class: added "settings" function to load and save user settings of any navigate cms function (and website)
+ dashboard: reorder, collapse and hide/restore all panels (status will be saved based on each user and website)
+ nvweb: added more auto oEmbed endpoints: instagram, flickr, dailymotion, scribd and soundcloud
* block group: save selection in JSON format (before we were using a serialized array)
+ block group: allow adding a title on a block type zone
* blocks: fix bug related to category selection and exclusion
+ dashboard: added new panel: Navigate CMS newsfeed
+ nvlist: (beta) define filters for properties or element's values; example: filter="[{'property.entry_type': 'image'}, {'id': { 'lte': 10 }}, {'date_to_display': {'lte': '$filter_date'}}, {'property.entry_featured_object_inside': {'in': [0, 1]}}]"
note 1: prepend a dollar character if you want to use a value sent in the request, for example, if the URL is ?q=45 use '$q' to use that value in the filter query)
note 2: checking dictionary values is not implemented
* properties: added an alternative and free geocoding service to find coordinates (gisgraphy.com)
* properties: set the same default value for all enabled languages if only one default value is given
+ websites: option to redirect wrong paths to a real website page
* blocks: add missing properties functionality
* blocks: solved some bugs saving block group blocks data
* update: fix panels styles due dashboard changes
* navigate: fix small bugs in layout
+ structure: added template column in tree table
* nvweb list: allow passing all nvweb content/tags arguments in nvlist
* block groups: solved a small bug when a theme has more than one group block in the definition
* navigate: fix delete confirmation dialogs
+ nvweb conditional: added by "section" section="codename" empty="true|false"
+ nvweb properties: return a section of properties of type "element"
+ nvweb properties: return a property (using attribute modifiers) of properties of type "element"
* nvweb conditional: remove collision between internal "template" variable and nv tag user attribute
* nvweb conditional: added "scope" to force checking by "element" or "structure" when displaying a page from structure
* nvweb list: when filtering by a numeric value, don't put quotes around the value in the SQL query
* elements: append/insert fragment was not working on some files
* property.class: width attribute was ignored
* nvweb webuser: on "newsletter_subscribe", detect typical email addresses (info, contact...) and use the full email address as new username
* navigate: dynamic path selection was ignoring items associated to a category but not embedded
* files: updated Pixlr library
* elements: try to keep the existing img attributes when replacing image
* elements: implemented an alternative approach to solve the append fragment issue on some content
* structure: in the tree list, the template name was not always translated

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository or in our shadow repository in Github.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.