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Navigate CMS 2.1 features

Aug '16

We are preparing the 2.1 version of our Navigate CMS application.

This release contain some important improvements, especially in the interface. These are the main changes:

Customizable dashboard

The Navigate CMS Dashboard is the first information you see after signing in your instance. Now you can arrange the information panels in the order you like simply by dragging the panel header to any of the four columns available. A double click will collapse/expand the panel. Finally, if you drag the panel to the trash icon, it will be removed from the view. You can always restore any removed panel opening the context menu.

Of course, your arrangement will be applied each time you access the dashboard. If, for some reason, you want to revert to the default disposition, simply open the context menu and select "Default order".

There's more, the authors of extensions and themes can now use the new bindings we have included into the dashboard to add their own panels.

New management interface for Block groups

The old block group management interface was useful but not really fun to use. Now you can add new blocks to a group simply by dragging them from one of the three categories on the right accordion. Some blocks may appear appear disabled if, for some reason, they cannot be added to the group. Enjoy!


We have removed the interactive tree we used since version 1.0 (kvaTree) in favor to the MIT licensed jsTree. Besides the new styling, this new component allows to select all children from a parent by double clicking it.

Word separator choice

Navigate CMS has always used the underscore as a separator character in URLs. We think it's quicker to read and there are no words using this character (that we know of). We understand some users prefer using a hyphen as a separator, so we have added the setting as part as a website properties. Now the auto generated paths will use your preferred separator (navigate has always provided you freedom to rewrite the paths as you like, this setting only affects the new auto generated paths).

Be tuned for this 2.1 release which, as always, will be available to every Navigate CMS instance via our one-click system.