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Introducing: Focal Point

Jun '14

Frequently a template in a website needs an image with a fixed width and height, we are talking of blog post headers, avatars, etc. 99% times the uploaded image does not have the required size, so the theme developer must choose between two scaling methods: resize+border or resize+crop.

Original image (Author: Marc Lobato)

Resizing with border means that the final image may not fit the required space, as it surely will have transparent borders on two sides.

Resized to 300x100 with transparent padding/border

Resizing with crop will fit the exact space, but until now Navigate CMS supposed the important part of the image is on its center, and that is not always true.

Resized and cropped to 300x100 without transparent border

So we implemented the "Focal point" feature. After uploading an image you can easily define where is the important part of the image, and cropping will take into account that information, giving the perfect result into your website. Take a look at the function interface:

This is very cool to get a very professional website with less effort and time.

Resized and cropped (using Focal Point) to 300x100 without transparent border

The new "Focal point" feature will be included in the next Navigate CMS update (1.8.1) on July. Keep tuned!