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Introducing: Property "video"

Dec '14

One of the most anticipated features of Navigate CMS is the ability to assign a video as a property of an item. The next update (1.8.4), to be published in a few days, includes this functionality plus many fixes and adds a new interface language: Catalan.

Let us review briefly how adding a video as a property works. The first step is that the theme defines a property of type "video", which Navigate CMS will translate into an interactive field when editing an item type:

Until now it was possible to assign a video uploading a file in the Media window and then dragging it to the field. This operation has improved by the ability to add an external video posted on websites like Youtube or Vimeo. You just need to click on the "+" icon to display a context menu.

The video source is selected and then a floating window will open for you to enter the path to the video you want to include. Simply go to the source website, find the video and copy its URL path.

When you accept, Navigate CMS will automatically contact the site to retrieve some information about the video and will display its associated thumbnail.

After this, just need to save changes and visualize the public item's page. To make the selected video appear in the template, the programmer only needs to include the property as it does with images or other elements:

<nv object="nvweb" name="properties" property="video_field" return="embed" />

In the future, the list of external sources where to get the video will grow slowly; for the moment we have included two of the most popular. We hope this new feature makes life easier to developers and users.