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Navigate CMS Update: 1.7.8 r631

Dec '13

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes the following features/bugfixes/improvements:

* grid notes texts were not loading since last update
+ themes: integrated Navigate CMS Marketplace with easy themes installer and updater
+ extensions: integrated Navigate CMS Marketplace with easy extensions installer and updater
+ thumbnails without transparency are created in JPG format to reduce file size (only if PHP Imagick extension is present)
* items: small optimization on elements list
* websites: select fields when adding a language didn't have the correct width
* websites: favicon in the list now always is scaled to 16x16
* items: choose a moderator by username - more intuitive interface using Select2
* updated: jQuery Timepicker Addon v1.4.2
* date/time selection fields: time was not properly parsed when editing the field
* updated: tinyMCE v3.5.10
* updated: Plupload v2.0.0
+ tinyMCE CodeMagic plugin (edit source code with the CodeMirror engine)
* select2 now runs on mobile & touch browsers (including Firefox 26)
* navigate_send_email now sends multi-address messages to one recipient at a time
* improved parsing of website's url & folder
* default website creation: solved bug when installing navigate on localhost  
* metatags: added language metatag
* htaccess mod_rewrite: keep url parameters when accessing the homepage
* nvweb: allow accessing the homepage without a route (alpha feature, needs a small htaccess modification)
+ websites: added multilanguage field "keywords" to ease entering global website keywords
+ websites: new event for extensions "edit"
* hide theme documentation icon / theme demo button if they don't exist
* themes: don't allow to remove a theme used by another website
* websites: hide metatags tab when creating a new website
* removed unused mcdropdown classes from navigate cupertino skin
* web feeds: keep newline in items' summary; use the first image available, even looking in item properties
* extensions: run application extensions with a shorter url; fid=ext_extensionname (f.e. fid=ext_phpmyadmin)
* websites: remove all website related content (elements, structure, files...) except Theme and Web Users
* setup: disable "Do it for me" button after completing the process
* websites: creating the default website failed when navigate is installed in a subfolder
* setup: some images of the example website "Ocean" had wrong paths
* files: extended file cache time to 7 days
* files: deleting files with the context menu failed in some cases
* create jquery ui autocomplete widgets after opening its container dialog
* nv list/search: embedded elements sometimes had wrong urls
* templates: when custom template was deleted, its custom properties (and values) were not removed
* nvweb_content_items: check access permission and status before returning items (web user groups supported)
* properties / rich_textarea: use width defined in theme definition
* properties / link: now you can define the target of the link (_self / _blank)

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.