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Navigate CMS Update: 1.8.0 r634

Jun '14

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes the following features/bugfixes/improvements:

* comments: assign a webuser - more intuitive interface using Select2
* files: added fields to change file type and MIME on uploaded files
* [block,file,item,structure,webuser] selected groups weren't properly loaded on some cases
* nvweb_templates: use absolute path instead of absolute url to load tinymce default styles
+ files: static function to retrieve file url by id/relative path file::file_url
* upgraded: CodeMirror 4.0
* countries table had some missing translations (fallback to English version)
* themes: when installing a theme, set the first style available
+ nvlist_conditional: added "property_name" as an alias of "property_id"
* files: fixed bug when rendering context menu for a single item
* distribution package: integrate default Ocean theme properties in the setup process
* upgraded: jQGrid 4.6
+ lists using jQGrid: enable multirow selection using the shift key (thanks to Oleg & Kelly from stackoverflow)
* added a minor check applying theme styles
* sometimes session was lost when uploading files
* globals: new constant APP_UNIQUE: assigns a unique id for every Navigate CMS installation to achieve more security
+ setup: detect safe mode before installation (safe mode must be disabled)
* theme definition: allow defining a template without any content sections, must be declared like this -> sections:[]
+ properties: image / when empty show button to apply the default suggested image from theme definition
* moved APP_UNIQUE to common.php & nvweb_common.php files
* corrected a small typo in the Spanish translation
* blocks: force value type on some fields before inserting them to the database
* webusers: default order by ID desc; country value: now defaults unknown
* archive webget: count results checking the availability of items in the active language
+ new event on contact webget: after sending a contact form [ contact/after_sending]
* blocks webget: selected categories were not filtered correctly
* naviforms: textfield didn't show its value when changing from "text" property type to "value"
+ menu webget: add a html attribute to each menu option "data-sid" (Structure ID) and improve the "select" mode.
* gallery webget: option to return the url of the first image
* items: when changing association from category to free, category was not removed
+ tinymce: show "blockquote" button
+ items: new internal ajax call "json_find_item" by title
* blocks webget: selected categories were not included in some cases
* themes: fixed new theme installation
* items gallery tab: missing "remove image" button since last update
* templates: fixed editing custom properties in navigate
* upgraded: Select2 3.4.8
+ added new property type: item

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.