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Navigate CMS Update: 1.8.3 r637

Nov '14

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes the following features/bugfixes/improvements:

* websites: rename "statistics script" field for "additional scripts"
+ website: field to define default comment settings for items
+ media browser: display file permission/access icons
* live edit nvweb: added display inline-block to bar images
* file.class: check if thumbnail exists before trying to compress it with imagick
* webuser.class: bug ocurred while trying to load an inexistant webuser from cookie hash
* nvweb: on each page load, check if webuser on session/cookie exists on navigate
+ added two strings into the internal navigate cms app dictionary
* sitemap webget: incorrect prefix when structure element had an external url
* nv list: ignore page parameter on lists without paginator
* jQuery UI updated to v1.11.2
+ Font Awesome v4.20
* media browser: drag'n'drop images was broken due the new alt/title feature
* class.upload updated to 0.33dev (solves some regular expression warnings)
* nvweb_prepare_link function didn't work with https
+ properties: type "image" now allows setting a different image by page language
* naviforms: file drop "default image" replaced all image fields, not only the selected one

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.