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Navigate CMS Update: 2.3.5

Mar '17

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes the following highlighted features/bugfixes/improvements:

  • option to replace a file without having to edit each content where it is used (Content > Files function)
  • added Tracy - PHP Debugger
  • check if any TinyMCE content has been changed and ask the user if he wants to leave without saving
  • updated libraries Leaflet, IDNA Convert, Plupload...
  • fixed sitemap URL encoding
  • some new small improvements here and there

Full changelog:

+ websites: added additional_styles and tracking_scripts (formerly additional_scripts) in the HTML tab (formerly "Services")
+ items: when leaving a page, check if the user has made changes to a TinyMCE editor and display a confirmation
- removed FirePHP server library
+ added Tracy - PHP Debugger v2.4.6; please use debugger::console("message") from now on
+ added backwards compatability with old firephp_nv::log() calls
* updated Leaflet to v1.0.3
* fixed some PHP notices and Tracy debugger integration
* feeds: fixed URL encoding in links
- removed jQuery Star Rating plugin
+ added jQuery Raty FA plugin v0.1.2
+ properties: "rating" type now allows "max" to define the maximum number of stars/score (half stars always enabled)
* comments: allow one-click comment removal even if it's already published
+ nvweb list/search: add attribute "log"="false" to explicitly ignore a search request from being inserted in the log
+ forms / image fields: double click to open image preview (context menu option also added)
+ files: added option to replace an existing file
* updated twitter_timeline extension v2.0
+ comments: added function to retrieve avatar from webuser (author_avatar)
* upgraded IDNA Convert library v1.1.0
* added workarounds to keep Navigate CMS compatible with PHP 5.3 (mainly the Nette Tracy PHP debugger)
* updated jAutochecklist v1.3.1
+ items: added "(no category)" option in list view category filter
* jQuery.colorpicker updated v1.2.9
* updated LazyLoad v5.1.1
* updated Plupload v2.3.1
* nvweb sitemap: fixed encoding for URLs

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository or in our shadow repository in Github.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.