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Navigate CMS Update: 2.3.7

Apr '17

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes the following highlighted features/bugfixes/improvements:

  • updated TinyMCE to latest version (fixes the problem of image selection in Firefox 53)
  • added PHP 7 compatibility fixes

Full changelog:

* comments: allow adding comments on other types of content (by now: elements and products)
* navibars: fixed quicksearch extra info size
* updated TinyMCE v4.5.6 (fixes selecting image bug)
* updated tinyMCE Magic Line plugin to v1.2.3 (+nv modified)
* updated TinyMCE Font Awesome plugin to v2.0.9
* add some untracked tinymce4 files into repository (fixed rules in .hgignore)
* added some PHP 7 compatibility fixes
+ nvweb nvlist_conditional: added by="comment" check="website"
* nvweb_prepare_link now corrects urls starting with www.
* updated class.upload to latest commit (f266dc9)

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository or in our shadow repository in Github.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.