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Navigate CMS Update: 2.8.8

May '20

The Navigate CMS team has just released a software update which includes some code fixes and updates, with no new features as it is only a maintenance release. This release won't have a full installation package because soon we will be releasing a new version with some important security fixes.

Full changelog:

* setup: independent step for creating or locating the navigate folder
* core: support MKCOL, PROPFIND and PUT methods in core_curl_post function
* update: class.upload v2.09
* files: fix error when saving after file replacing
* files: when replacing a file, the filename now is also replaced
* update: Inputmask v5.0.3
+ debugger is now open to other integrable debugger projects via extensions
- removed Nette Tracy from Navigate CMS project (recreated as an extension)
* update.class: modified to begin using Git as DCVS (instead of Mercurial)

You can view the source code changes in our Github repository. The former Bitbucket repository will be closed in the following days.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.