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Navigate CMS Update: 2.9.3

Dec '20

The Navigate CMS team has released a new software update. Since this version, the application requires the usage of PHP 7.2+ because of some internal libraries. We will also begin removing deprecated code (mainly to be made compatible with the very old PHP 5.4).

Besides solving many bugs and updating some libraries, the most important addition in this update is the GrapesJS editor in beta mode. You can enable this for testing setting up the appropiate value in profile/user permissions.

Note: if your account has not PHP 7.2+ enabled, this update package won't be applied and everything will be untouched.

Full changelog:

* codemirror updated to v5.55.0
* naviforms: scriptarea now encodes content before converting textarea to a codemirror instance
* websites: encode some values to prevent CSS vulnerabilities
* properties: try to get the correct translation for each country name
* files: fixed uploading files via plupload
+ nvweb list: filter products by brand name ( filter="[{'brand': '$brand'}]" )
* orders: reverse timeline events and display the correct details for each one
* minor changes to improve code readability
+ nvweb list: added source="brand"
* core_ts2date function: added parameter to return the infinite character if date is empty
+ webusers: check username availability
* webusers: when changing username, warn the password must be changed too (if not provided is automatically generated and shown)
+ nv dictionary: added new webuser related strings
+ products, list: added image brand as a conditional filter
* nvweb.php, plugin.php: fixed assigning default language if not defined in current session
* idna_convert updated to v3.0 (now via composer)
* setup: update PHP version checking (now 7.2 minimum)
* nvweb / list,list.conditionals: PHP 7.4 compatibility changes (continue 2; instead of continue;)
* free-jqgrid updated to v4.15.5
+ added library GrapesJS v0.16.22
+ added some GrapesJS plugins (custom-code, preset-webpage, blocks-flexbox)
+ items: alpha integration using GrapesJS as html composer
* media: added tag to use native browser lazy loading on some images
* blocks, backups, nvweb_objects: PHP 7.4 compatibility changes
* extensions: fix a bug processing a hash when it's null
+ permissions: added new "navigatecms.beta" permission to allow testing new features not ready for production
* products, blocks: added compatiblity with grapesjs in rich text fields (beta)
* updated GrapesJS v0.16.27
* improved GrapesJS styles to match Navigate CMS "cupertino" theme
* updated Leaflet v1.7.1
+ files: added new view type "List" and a selector to switch between Grid and List
+ permissions: added new permission to set the default files browser view
+ nvweb: allow using delayed="true" on ALL <nv object="nvweb" /> tags
* webuser: partially rewrited function "delete old unconfirmed accounts"
* webdictionary_history, nvweb list, nvweb webuser, webusers: improve code readability
+ events: added event to validate newsletter subscriptions in a website (module "webuser" function "newsletter_subscribe")
+ nvweb list: get webuser vote value (source="comment" value="vote")

You can view all source code changes in our Github repository.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually. BUT it is very important to apply the 2.9.2 update package before this new one, otherwise the PHP version checking won't work and your installation will be modified without warning. If you use the one click updates in our application, you do not need to worry about this.