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Navigate CMS is released

Dec '12

After more than two years of development, here at Naviwebs we decided to release the first public version of our modern content management system - Navigate CMS.

Our application stands out on these points:

  • nice and simplified interface
  • own template engine with nv tags
  • native integration of multi language websites
  • customizable template fields
  • inserting images and other elements by dragging
  • application updates with a single click
  • and more...

With tags nv is possible to create a web theme without writing a single line of PHP. Everything is explained in the documentation.

Navigate CMS is a mature, stable application and ready for production websites. We hope to increase our user community every day and make improvements through their contributions in addition to our own developments. Gradually we'll add more and more functionality, the best part is that everyone can benefit from it thanks to the one-click application update integrated in all copies of Navigate CMS.

Businesses and individuals requiring professional support can contact Naviwebs, the company responsible for Navigate CMS.

It's been a long way, but this is just the beginning. Today we sail and set our course to the future.