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Navigate CMS Update: 2.2

Dec '16

Today we are celebrating the 4th birthday of our beloved Navigate CMS application. With plenty of joy, our team is releasing an update which includes the following highlighted features/bugfixes/improvements:

  • comments now have properties (based on the page template where they are posted)
  • comments now can be presented in hierarchy mode
  • updated tinyMCE to v4.5.1
  • nvlist_conditional: allow displaying html code or a text message when a list has zero results
  • updated Font-Awesome to v4.7 and added a plugin to insert icons in TinyMCE
  • nvweb list: allow multiple nested <nvlist_conditional> tags
  • Many small bugs have been solved here and there

Full changelog:

+ nvweb webuser: new mode "avatar" (same attributes as nvlist source=comment value=avatar)
* properties: alternative thumbnail retrieval for Youtube videos when maxresdefault.jpg is not available
* dashboard: fixed recent changes panel
+ properties: on rich_textarea fields add translate/copy from/fragments control buttons
+ items,blocks: added "clear content" button for rich_textarea fields
* tinymce: avoid inserting <p> for non block elements by default (span, i, etc.) but keep creating new paragraphs on enter
* codemirror-tinymce plugin updated to latest available commit #1d31634
* structure: keep last template used when creating a new child category
+ nvlist_conditional: added "in" and "nin" (not in) as property comparison operators (expect comma separated values, no spaces)
+ nvlist_conditional: allow displaying html code or a text message when a list has zero results
+ nvweb conditional: added "property_compare" option (same as nvlist_conditional by="property")
+ added partial Polish translation thanks to @stpk007 (work in progress)
* tinymce: fix dynamic link dialog z-index position (sometimes was left under the blocking layer)
* media browser: delete dialog was not closed the second time it appeared
* properties / coordinates: pasting a Google Maps URL in the first field (latitude) parses it to extract the coordinates
* nvweb list: fixed keeping existing url parameters of type array
* setup: added additional checks to make the installation process more robust
+ nvweb comments: added option "notify"="inline|callback" to be consistent with other nvweb widgets
* items: changed quicksearch form method to GET
* tinymce: added Polish language placeholders in some plugins (by now, texts English only)
* updated Font-Awesome to v4.7
+ added TinyMCE Font Awesome plugin v2.0.8+ by @josh18 (from Github), and applied some modifications to improve the integration with Navigate CMS
+ comments: allow assigning a parent message ("in reply to"); webget support is pending
+ templates/comments: define properties for the comments posted on a certain template type
+ list: new values for source="comment" [id, reply_to, property]
+ nvweb comments: added "data-depth" attribute on every comment shown
+ nvweb list: new value for source="comment" [depth]
+ nvweb comments & list source="comment": added two new ordering modes "hierarchy_oldest", "hierarchy_newest" to return comments keeping hierarchy
* changed Navigate CMS translation format to XLIFF 1.2 (we were using the unsupported XLIFF 2.0 format)
* translations and source code strings: replaced many ... by the ellipsis character …
* nvweb list: allow multiple nested <nvlist_conditional> tags
+ nvweb comments: added a mechanism to read and parse custom comment properties from a template form
* navigate: added approved="yes" to XLIFF translations
* webuser votes: two small corrections
+ nvweb comments: added internal attribute "element" to assign a comment to a concrete item (instead of the one is being displayed)
* nvlist_conditional: check by property_empty was not considering multilanguage properties
* updated tinyMCE v4.5.1
* permissions: use standard html tables to improve performance
+ permissions: added "color" field type to be used as a permission value
* nvweb properties: added attributes return="title|name|url" and position="x" for properties of type "categories"
+ permissions: added new scope "settings" (alpha feature)
+ nvweb contact: added attribute receipt_confirmation_email="webuser|(custom_email_address)"
* nvweb contact: define the colors used in the auto composed contact email (via profile/user permissions)
* nvweb comments: define the colors used in the auto composed comments notification email (via profile/user permissions)

You can view the source code changes in our Bitbucket repository or in our shadow repository in Github.

To auto update your Navigate CMS instance, sign in as an Administrator and access the Configuration > Update function. You may also download the update package from SourceForge and apply it manually.